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Elope to Lisbon

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Lisbon Location- Portugal, Europe Feature- City, Beach Legal Ease- Possible Ambiance and Essence Colorful, charming, warm, welcoming, and a beautiful balance between old and new Why Lisbon Sandy beaches, barnacles and Pastéis de Belém; it’s no wonder the world seems...
Lisbon Travel Guide

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Portugal occupies the bulk of the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula and Lisboa is it’s sunny seaside capital city. There are so many things to see, do, eat, drink and experience in Lisbon that it’s tough to boil down, but here are a few favorites from my trip along...
My Wedding in Lisbon

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Lisbon is a city bursting with color, culture and loads of character. With plenty of opportunities for both exploration and relaxation it’s an ideal destination for an elopement. Part adventure and part extravagance, this is what my wedding day would look like if I...
Elope to San Sebastian

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San Sebastian Location- Spain, Europe Feature- City, Beach Legal Ease- Symbolic Ambiance and Essence: Enchanting, sophisticated, upscale, indulgent, elegant and exclusive     Why San Sebastian: If you’re dreaming of elopement that is elegant, opulent, and...
San Sebastian Travel Guide

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  Chic city scene? Check. Sparkling shoreline? Yep. World renowned cuisine? Foodies unite! San Sebastian has a little of everything and a lot to offer to even the most discerning traveler. Here are a few of my favorite sites and bites not to be missed during your...