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Congratulations on your elopement! We love to highlight real couple’s experience with this unique event. The answers you provide to the questions below will be used to tell the story of your elopement. Please feel free to add any additional information about your love story, planning process, and big day. The more details you can share about your elopement, the better!


Remember, to submit an elopement wedding, your package must meet the criteria outlined on the We Eloped! Submission Criteria page and questionnaires must be accompanied by photos. Please send your responses to Jo {at} and thanks for thinking of Elope Abroad to showcase your special day!

    • Names and Ages of Couple

    • Wedding Date

    • City, State and Country of Residence

    • Has your elopement been featured on another blog or in another publication?
      If so, please list where your wedding was featured.

    • What made you decide to elope?
      Was eloping something you initially planned to do? What factors were involved in your decision (cost, time, stress, family, originality, adventure)?

    • Describe your elopement planning process.
      How long did it take you to plan? Did you hire a planner? Did Elope Abroad assist you in any way? What ended up being your best decision surrounding your big day?

    • Where in the world did you elope?
      Include city and country of elopement. How did you choose your location? What made it a special place to say I-do? What was the venue for the ceremony?

    • Recap your big day for the EA audience...
      What did you do on your wedding day? Did you exchange wedding gifts? Did you have any guests? Describe the details: dress, accessories, flowers, etc. Recap your ceremony, what moments made you laugh or cry? What happened immediately following the ceremony? Did you have a special wedding dinner, if so where? What about a cake?

    • What unique or personal elements did you include?
      Did you incorporate anything from your family, heritage or history as a couple into your celebration? Did you follow the old, new, borrowed and blue tradition?

    • What was the best part of eloping? What was the hardest part?
      What did you love most about this experience? What did you find most challenging?

    • Did you have a honeymoon or include a honeymoon stop?
      If so, what was the destination and what did you do?

    • What was the approximate cost of your elopement and what did that include?
      How much did you spend on attire, rings, planning services, venue, flowers, make-up or hair styling, photography, officiant, music, dinner and cake? What about travel costs or accommodations?

    • How did you share your news? Did you host a post-elopement party?
      Did you tell anyone about your plans before you eloped? Did you send out elopement announcements? Did you celebrate with friends and family after your elopement?

    • What advice do you have for couples who are considering an elopement?
      What do you know now about eloping that you wish you’d known before? Do you have any regrets or would you have done anything differently?

    • Anything else you’d like to share?

    • Please List All Applicable Vendor’s (include name, website URL, any social media handles):
      *Note that you must include a photography credit in order for your submission to be considered.












      Other: (Videography, Stationary, etc.)

    • Share Your Photos*
      Include a minimum of 20 high quality photos free of watermarks, more if you so choose. Photos should be at least 900 pixels and no larger than 5MB. Vertical and color photos show best.

      Dropbox is our preferred method of photo sharing. Be sure to send a direct link to the Dropbox folder (not a Dropbox folder invitation). If you don't use Dropbox, you may zip your photos into one file and email them to: Jo {at} with We Eloped! and Your Name as the subject line.

      Enter the link to your Dropbox folder in the space below.

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    Combined Household Income:
    < $75,000$75,000 - $125,000> $125,000

    Education Level:

    Is this your first marriage?

    What websites did you primarily use to help plan your elopement?:

    What sources did you use to find your vendors?

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